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Returning to the Office? Take control of your Building and Office air quality to increase staff confidence,  improve productivity, ensure health and wellbeing, and grow your business

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Indoor Air Quality

We have an Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Solution to suit your business. From one room CO2 Sensors thru to our uHoo Aura which manages multiple locations and many floors while monitoring multiple Air Quality parameters all thru one Performance Management Dashboard.

Lets us measure your Indoor Air Quality, Identify any Issues and implement improvement programmes if required. #MeasureIt2ManageIt

Office Air Monitoring

Employers are responsible for ensuring a healthy, safe and comfortable working environment, and employees have the basic right to breathe healthy air.

Managing your indoor air quality starts with understanding the air you’re breathing so that you can take the proper actions to create a healthy office environment for your employees. By regularly monitoring your indoor air quality, you can have better insights into the different air quality factors concerning your employees and make better decisions to optimize your office environment.

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