Your Ventilation Health Check!

Is your School, Office or Commercial Premises adequately ventilated ? 

Why not consider an onsite Indoor Air Quality Review. We will examine your current ventilation status and provide you with a complimentary  report!

Our ventilation health check is free and confidential. We will visit your offices,  identify issues or risks and suggest mitigations and improvements if required and then provide you with a written report. 

As independent advisors,  we are often asked to verify that HVAC systems are working as described. Are we getting enough fresh air ?  The first part of the answer is always to inspect and measure. We will recommend the most appropriate solutions to improve your Indoor Air Quality in line with WELL Building Standards and current relevant ventilation guidelines, if required.

For a more detailed Air Quality Review if required we may suggest running a 14day measurement programme;

  1. We will install our Aura Multi Sensor Boxes, which are discreet and minimal at agreed locations. All can be independently powered and do not required access to internal wifi.

  2. Benchmark the Internal Air Quality at each of the locations over the agreed period. All the information on up to 15 different parameters is continuously monitored and stored.

  3.  Provide Realtime reporting and  historical information  online and via mobile app for all locations under review. 

  4. At the end of the benchmarking period we will provide a detailed audit report per location of the IAQ across the 15 different parameters. For any anomalies detected we will recommend initiatives to improve IAQ which may include installation of Air Cleaning Equipment, review of HVAC operation or indeed changes to manual ventilation processes.

  5. Stay or Go? We can then either continue to provide the Air Quality Monitoring service / equipment to you  so you can continue an ongoing monitoring programme.

Healthy Building with uHoo Aura

Studies have shown that poor indoor air quality reduces employee productivity, increases absences and increases health care costs. Moreover, poor indoor air quality increases the risk of coronavirus surviving and getting transmitted in the air.

Using the best environmental sensors, Qualair will monitor your Indoor Air Quality for you, highlight any issues, suggest remediation solutions, provide real time visual displays for employees and maintenance staff and provide you with an AirScore certification

For more information or to set up a call or meeting, please email us and we will respond within one business day. Thanks for your interest !