Years of Experience

At Qualair, we bring together decades of experience in HVAC, Air Purification , Sensor and IOT Technologies, Project Management and Process Deployment under one roof to deliver a consultancy led suite of services customised to our clients requirements.

As requirements for Indoor Air Quality in the office and occupational environment evolve, we are  adapting and engaging to deliver  optimised solutions for our clients.


Seasonal Surges in Viral Infectivity

We know with increased indoor socialisation during the cold Winter months that poorly ventilated indoor spaces leads to viral cross infection . Then as we return to the office after Christmas, the cycle repeats itself. We are here to help you break the cycle with our 3 step process, Monitor, Assess and Remediate.

Less Allergies

Know exactly what products and chemicals to avoid and prevent dust buildup before allergies and infections occur.

More Focus

Ensure your environment is always comfortable, healthy, and safe so you can maximize focus, well-being and productivity.

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