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The minimum benchmark test for Indoor Air Quality is to measure CO2 levels, as they are a good general indicator of air freshness.  Qualair offer a number of Co2 measurement solutions to suit your requirements.

As we enter 2023, many EU countries including Ireland are bringing in legislation to mandate minimum levels of Indoor Air Quality by measuring CO2.

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Why Measure CO2?

Exposure to high CO2 levels can lead to many staff-related issues in Indoor settings from Lower Productivity to Fatigue and Immune Deficiency

CO2 and Indoor Ventilation. We know that CO2 levels are an accurate indicator of how well an occupied indoor space is ventilated. C02 levels can build up quickly from human respiration in occupied indoor settings but Care subsequently slow to dissipate.

Indoor Ventilation and COVID-19. We  know that COVID-19 and indeed many other viruses and pathogens accumulate in poorly ventilated indoor spaces, so good ventilation (i.e. low CO2 levels ) is key.

Therefore it is critical that we now measure Indoor CO2 levels for occupied spaces so we can mitigate the risks to health and wellbeing through manual or automated ventilation processes

Our C02 Sensors

Let us help you choose what is right for you !

We offer Sensors with visible reporting,  some with Traffic Light based Warnings Systems,  others with cloud reporting,  portable or Wall mounted,  Battery or Mains  Operated . 

We provide Smart IAQ systems that measure CO2 , Particulate Matter and up to 13 different metrics  with online reporting systems and mobile apps so you can see at a glance on your mobile or desktop across multiple locations and in real-time,  the Air Quality in each location.  Click here to email us for more information.

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