Confused About Ventilation ?

Hepa13, Which Air Purifier,  C02 Monitors, Humidity, Heat Loss 

Theres a lot to comprehend what do You do?

 At Qualair we have a simple solution , measure the quality of your Indoor Air first  ! then decide on next steps. No need to rush in to buy Air Purification Units as they may not be needed…

Let QualAir assist you overcome the new Ventilation Challenges in 3 easy Steps

  • Assess your current Ventilation Status.
  • Monitor for 7 days using our Smart Air Quality Monitors
  • Report and Recommend
In many cases we find that Simple ongoing C02 Monitoring with manual ventilation when indicated works really well and no further intervention is required with Hepa Filtration Units. In other cases Hepa Filtration Units and other solutions might be required. We can help you specify them and size them for your premises based on the data we have accumulated. #Measure_It_ToManageIt

How Do I Know If My Indoor Air Is Fresh?

Its very hard for us as humans to feel what is good or bad air quality. We can, to a degree, feel if a room is uncomfortable or stuffy but it is hard to quantify.

Most rooms however rely on windows for ventilation (manual) and that requires us to manage them and react to changes in the forces (weather) that drives how much air comes in, by adjusting how open or closed windows are.
What might be enough one day might not the next because of wind or temperature. Other rooms and buildings have automated systems (mechanical ventilation).

But how do we know we are opening them enough or that we haven’t closed them too much because its cold?

That’s where Air Monitors can help. We really want to aim for levels of CO2
• Ideally below 800ppm to 1000ppm.
• We should start to react by increasing the window opening as CO2 climbs above 1000ppm
• And if CO2 is consistently above 1500ppm despite your best efforts then it indicates that the room is under ventilated, and we might need to do something else.

Enniskerry Montessori – Ventilation Review

Working with Aisling, Qualair ran a three week Air Quality Audit in the Childcare areas and looked at all ventilation patterns. We reviewed over time when C02 levels would rise, when TVOC levels from cleaning were higher. 

Result ! We were delighted to report to Aisling and her staff that her IAQ was really good and that a well placed C02 monitor would help manage the infrequent peaks that occurred.

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