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We provide a range of customised  Indoor Air Quality improvement solutions to suit your premises. We will assess, design, install and monitor. Work with QualAir, your Independent Air Quality Specialists. 

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Ventilation with Heat Recovery, Energy efficient Air2Air Heat pumps, upgrading legacy Air Handling systems, Air purification, Demand based Ventilation Control.

The productivity gains of better ventilation range between 2% and 18%, according to many studies. 

Improving Indoor Air Quality can be a holistic process with multiple inputs and decision points.  In many cases, improving Indoor Air Quality is intertwined with environmental factors such as temperature (heating and Cooling technology) , relative humidity,  airflow speeds from diffusers, local versus central climate control.

Therefore, we provided customised solutions to suit your premises with a focus on Wellness, Sustainability,  Energy Efficiency , Circularity and Re-Use where it makes sense . We focus on ensuring HVAC systems are working correctly and efficiently,  Indoor Air is purified if required in higher occupancy settings,  Heat is recovered to minimise heat loss.

What do we do?

We often upgrade heating systems to take advantage of the 4xtimes more efficient heating output  associated with air based heat pumps. We can  install from new or in many cases retrofit to replace electrical radiators, oil and gas fired burners.

If your issue is temperature related, an air conditioning (heat pump) system may be the most appropriate solution for you.  Adding multiple air conditioning units to a building at the same time brings significant savings on a per-room basis


Good Indoor Air Quality often centres on access to clean fresh air. Bringing clean fresh air in without losing expensive heat is a problem but easily solved with our Heat Recovery during Ventilation Technologies.

We have a range of drop in air purifiers perfect for meeting rooms, lift lobbys, reception areas or other areas of high footfall where the airflow provision may not be high enough for fluctuating occupancy levels. Our HEPA air purifiers are easy to install and simple to operate, giving peace of mind to your buildings occupants & visitors. H14 HEPA purifiers give excelled protection against airborn pathogens, and have the added benefit of improving indoor air quality. Please get in touch with details of the size and usage of your room, and we will be able to select the appropriate sized unit.

Needlepoint BiPolar Ionisation (NPBI) is an elegant way of delivering air purification into an occupied space by utilising the airflow of existing mechanical ventilation equipment.  Our unique range of NPBI products, are suitable for installation in Air Handlers, Fan Coil Units, Heat Pump Cassettes and High Wall Units , Heat Recovery Systems and more. NPBI agglomerates particulate, neutralises VOCs  and inactivates viral and bacterial pathogens. Easy to install in both new and existing buildings, this product will improve your indoor air quality.

Bipolar Ionisation systems use very little energy and can be incorporated into existing HVAC systems without adding any additional pressure drop.

See more about Ionisation here

If we see that a coil needs to be replaced when we assess your ventilation system then we can select and install an appropriate replacement.

Having assessed your ventilation system, we can increase airflow to reduce CO2 by replacing the fan & motor in the Air Handling Unit with a new DC drive motor. This may not be possible in all ventilation systems. Once we’ve assessed your indoor air quality, we can remediate any problems and bring back your IAQ within the mandated guidance, with the following services.

Dirty filters restrict airflow and incorrectly selected filters allow ingress of external pollutants. We can select and change your filters to ensure the highest grade of filtration possible

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