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Is your Office, School or Commercial Premises adequately ventilated ?

THE HSAs recent Code of Practice on Indoor Air Quality suggests a Risk Assessment as part of Occupational Health and Safety on Indoor Air Quality.  Its an excellent tool to establish that your workplace is indeed a healthy  place to work regarding Indoor Air Quality.  Why Not Consider An Onsite Indoor Air Quality Review.

We Will Examine Your Current Ventilation Status And Provide You With A Comprehensive Risk Assessment together with recommendations.

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Is Your Indoor Air Quality good? Is your office getting enough Fresh Air? Are C02 levels too high?

With heightened levels of respiratory infections as we return to our workplace and schools after the holiday break, have you concerns about  ventilation or your Indoor Air Quality?

Why not consider an onsite Indoor Air Quality review.  

Our ventilation health check is free and confidential. We will visit your offices,  identify issues or risks and suggest mitigations and improvements if required and then provide you with a written report.

A visual inspection may highlight risks and concerns but  only  a measurement programme will establish for sure how good or bad the Indoor Environmental Quality is.

Fresh air is Cold Air ?  Not True , with Heat Recovery, we can bring in fresh air and heat it with the heat residing in the stale air as it leave your building (HRVU).  We can recommend ways to bring in Fresh Air and purify your Air without losing the precious Heat!

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For a more detailed Air Quality Review if required we may suggest running a 14 day measurement programme

Common Concerns

  •  Difficulty getting adequate ventilation because the building gets too cold
  •  We aren’t sure if we are getting Fresh Air in. The Air Conditioning is on and running but its stuffy and some  people get headaches in the afternoon
  •  Our employees have voiced some concerns but we are unsure and have asked our HVAC guys to service our systems.
  •  We don’t want to bring in cold fresh air and lose all our heat so we keep windows closed

Give Your Employees And Tenants Confidence With Clean Air

As Independent Advisors,  We Are Often Asked To Verify That HVAC Systems Are Working As Described. Are We Getting Enough Fresh Air?

The First Part Of The Answer Is Always To Inspect And Measure. We Will Recommend The Most Appropriate Solutions To Improve Your Indoor Air Quality .

Studies have shown that poor indoor air quality reduces employee productivity, increases absences and increases health care costs. Moreover, poor indoor air quality increases the risk of coronavirus surviving and getting transmitted in the air.

Using the best environmental sensors, Qualair will monitor your Indoor Air Quality for you, highlight any issues, suggest remediation solutions, provide real time visual displays for employees and maintenance staff and provide you with an AirScore certification

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