This German made maintenance-free sensor creates the conditions for a pleasant indoor climate and well-being. High quality with a 5 year guarantee.

C02 Monitored for your Safety


Wall-mounted room sensor for recording CO2 content and additionally temperature and humidity (relative, absolute, enthalpy, dew point). 

Typical applications are schools, office buildings, hotels, cinemas or similar. The device has an LC display with a color change (traffic light ) function for displaying the measured values. The threshold values and display settings can be individually configured via the Thermokon NOVOS app for IOS and Android phones.

Key Features

  • Self Calibrating low Maintenance
  • 5 Year EU Guarantee
  • Wall Mounted requiring low voltage
  • Traffic Light Function (TLF)
  • Constant Sampling / Reporting
  • Multiple outputs for Automated Ventilation Systems
  • Temperature
  • Relative Humidity (Optional)