Office Air Monitoring

Ensure Safety. Instil Confidence. Improve Productivity.

With good indoor air quality, you can improve productivity, reduce health-related complaints and absenteeism due to sick leave, and create a safe, healthy and comfortable office for your employees.


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Most working people spend at least 30% of their day inside the office. This means that at least a third of their day is spent being exposed to invisible elements in the workplace caused by various pollutant sources such as emissions from office equipment, cleaning products, new furnishings, building materials, and in many cases poorly-maintained HVAC systems. 

If not addressed, this can lead to health problems such as headaches, fatigue, respiratory ailments, resulting in a decline in productivity and increased sick days for employees. Moreover, studies show that indoor air quality has a significant impact on the cognitive performance of workers.

Employers are responsible for ensuring a healthy, safe and comfortable working environment, and employees have the basic right to breathe healthy air.

Managing your indoor air quality starts with understanding the air you’re breathing so that you can take the proper actions to create a healthy office environment for your employees. By regularly monitoring your indoor air quality, you can have better insights into the different air quality factors concerning your employees and make better decisions to optimize your office environment.

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