Indoor Air Quality

Returning to the Office? Take control of your Building and Office air quality to increase staff confidence,  improve productivity, ensure health and wellbeing, and grow your business

Studies have shown that poor indoor air quality reduces employee productivity, increases absences and increases health care costs. Moreover, poor indoor air quality increases the risk of coronavirus surviving and getting transmitted in the air.

Using the best environmental sensors, Qualair will monitor your Indoor Air Quality for you, highlight any issues, suggest remediation solutions, provide real time visual displays for employees and maintenance staff and provide you with an AirScore certification

Healthy Buildings with uHoo Aura

Give your employees and tenants confidence with Uhoo Aura

1. Provide hope

By detecting the risk of the coronavirus so that appropriate action can be taken to reduce risk, improve the environment, and create peace of mind.

2. Reduce risk

By providing a real-time assessment of coronavirus and air quality risk so you can immediately take action.

3. Enhance wellness

By monitoring and managing air quality to help create a healthy, safe, and comfortable environment.

4. Reduce anxiety

By being transparent to your tenants through the sharing of relevant air quality and coronavirus risk data.