The QualAir CK150W

Perfect for Restaurants, Hotels, Hairdressers.

Modular, lean and highly efficient in cleaning and purifying air to Medical Grade standards.

Available to Lease or Purchase.

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CK150 – 150W UVC Air Steriliser, Purifier and Ioniser

What makes this product revolutionary is that there are four technologies in action; Activated Carbon Filtration, HEPA filtration, UVC sterilisation and Air Ionisation.

Alone, the UVC sterilisation has a UVC intensity of up to 30,000 uw/cm3 , which kills 99.9% of air-borne microbes without producing any harmful by-product.

Combined, this slim, quiet, remote controlled unit is the most superior on the market today for both sterilising and purifying air.

Light in the battle against viruses and bacteria

UVGI disinfection is shown to be effective against corona viruses in air, and our modelling study suggests that upper-room UV installation could be equivalent to doubling the ventilation rate.

UVC Disinfection Technology

HEPA + Activated Carbon
Bi-Polar Ionisation
Kills more than 99.9% of microbes
Remote control

Large processing capacity:

up to 500m3 /h
Equipped with 20 fans and 3 speed modes
500m3 /h, 500m3 /h, 180m3 /h

Smart Monitor System

High precision sensors
Displays air quality, humidity, temperature & timer
Filter replacement warning
Speed mode

Noise as low as 35dB

CADR 180m3 /h
5cm slimline design
Attractive minimalist design
Aesthetic – suits any work or home space


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